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Pokemon Go game download for PC

Pokémon go game download for pc

Pokemon Go game download for PC is the first game of Pokémon franchise to finally land on Android. And it’s here by the hands of Niantic –the developers of ingress –one of the highest ideas of Nintendo classics .with the best idea .it’s a game where you need to go outside to a move around, if you truly want t to become a true Pokémon trainer.ss

Any player who ever played ingress will know what you need to do and what will be the features of Pokémon go .those of you who haven’t played Ingress won’t have any issues either .this game converts your city into colossal video game scene. And your character will convert into an avatar. With the help of your mobile GPS, your avatar will move along with you, you just need to move around to capture the Pokémon.

Pokemon Go game download for PC

Pokemon Go game download for PC


In order to find new Pokémon’s, you have to move around to different places. this thing makes this game unique that’s why, on the launching of Pokémon go game, its hit the records of downloading and playing .to get the new characters in Pokémon and in order to get forest Pokémon, you need to go into forest .same way if you go to beach to get after Pokémon .you can’t guess what you will get, whenever you visit poke stops .but usually these poke stops are in museum or art galleries or any bus station or metro pass way.

pokemon go apk uniqueness

pokemon go apk uniqueness

It’s not only its uniqueness its get famous very quickly, but its high RPG, and excellent graphics and highly optimized.

Last month it is updated, with the most important additions of the game. The high augmented reality systems (ARS).it was implemented a few months ago on IOS but now it is available on Android versions also. It’s actually the four versions; you can say the fourth generation of Pokémon goes.

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Pokemon Go APK Download
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Countries availability

As for as concerning the countries availability, Pokémon go is now available in approximately all over the countries. In starting it just launch in three or four countries, but due to its highest demand, it’s no available in all countries .you can change your country location by going into change my location settings in android settings. You can also change your location into game setting also.

Pokemon Go game download for PC

Pokemon Go game download for PC

Latest Versions

Pokémon go 0.131.1 updated version is the latest version (14 December 2018)

Old versions

  • 129.2
  • 129.1
  • 127.2
  • 125.2
  • 125.1



Android 4.4 or higher required

Once installed, you will need to sign in with either your Google account or log in through the app. Professor Willow will take you through a brief tutorial and you can customize your avatar including its gender, hair, face shape, and clothing. You can’t make changes after this avatar is saved, however. Three Pokémon will then appear, select one and you can start hunting for more.

Pokemon Go game download for PC
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  • Trainers can now challenge and invite someone nearby to a trainer by scanning their battle code.
  • Trainers can send remote trainer battle challenges to their ultra friends or best friends.
  • Trainers can also trainer battle against team leaders.
  • Trainer battles take place in one of the three different trainer battle leagues, and each requires a team of three Pokemon Go game download for PC.
  • Each trainer battle league has different Pokémon CP limits.
  • New hair colors and skin tones will be available for trainer avatars.
  • A new update is set to bring enhanced augmented reality (AR+) and creatures from the Sinnoh region featured in the series fourth generation of games.
  • There were more than 100, then new monsters in the games in which upcoming additions were first featured.
  • The icons are more users friendly and adaptive now.
  • The nearby Pokémon indicator now prioritizes Pokemon Go game download for PC that are not registered to your Pokedex and is at Poke Stops
  • You can choose three teams representing unit with a different color: yellowish for the instinct, unknown for teams mystic, red as the canon.
  • All three had recently been representing the PVP game mechanics, in an efforts to fight pokeFriday gym locations scattered through the country
pokemon go new features

pokemon go new features


How to install Pokémon go Apk? (Download free android)

If you want to install Pokemon Go game download for PC from the third party, you need to configure your phone to allow install from unknown sources option to install the Apk file from third-party sites .after doing this step just go to download the Apk file and install.

We strongly recommend you to download the file, from secure sites because the majority of third-party sites contain viruses and .cmd viruses. Which affect your mobile or pc .second there are rumors that Niantic may be banning users who use Apk mirror? Approach with caution and make sure you have a strong antivirus.

Pokémon go game download for pc

It took only five years for Pokémon go to become the biggest mobile game in US history. if your country is not supported in the list than just install just install the POKEMON GO Game download for pc install Nox app player will give you a trial chance for this extremely popular Game. Nox player works same as adobe flash player works for online streaming.

Nox player is a very impressive emulator for android and has already pre-installed locations .when you download the game, click the icon Pokémon go game download for pc, it will start and now you can choose your locations manually like USA, Newzealand and Australia etc.

pre-installed features like game controls –use WASD to emulate walking, move around on your fingers.

You can also use Pokémon go game for pc by using another android emulator called blue stacks on to your pc. Plus you have to install a few more tools like fake GPS system that helps you select any location in the world .although it lacks functionality of real world, but this system definitely works and heaven for those who like gaming in the pc with .it takes almost 20 minutes to complete the whole setup .with the few adjustments you can play Pokémon go on your PC . You need to install the following tools like


  • Blue Stacks
  • Lucky patcher king root
  • Fake GPS pro
  • And Pokémon go for pc

HOW TO Pokémon Go Game Download For PC?

  • You have to make sure you installed all the tools first. Meanwhile, king root tools are used with Android devices.
  • Firs,t you install the blue stacks
  • Set up a new Google account or use already made
  • And now install the Pokémon go
  • Click on the AP sign of the blue stacks
  • King root will install automatically
  • Once your security index appears, click on the optimize now button
  • Now you can close the king root because you will not need it again.
  • N the left side of the blue stacks, open the fake GPS app.
  • Afterward, you can close down the selection window.
  • Install lucky patcher with the same method of installing bluestacks.
  • Now install the APK file of Pokemon Go game download for PC.
  • Before opening the app make sure your device GPS service

Now you can play the app experiencing the same features on the mobile or any other device.


Pokemon Go game download for PC was one of the most popular games of 2016. It was one of the most phenomenal stories of the entire year. More than 1000,000,000 + people have downloaded this game.

Latest version 0.131.1
Old version 0.129.2


Latest version updated 14 December 2018
Apk size 95MB
App by Niantic.Inc
Category Free adventure app
Content rating Everyone Mild fantasy violence
Support Android version Android 4.4 or higher
App package Com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
Price free
In-app purchases 100 poke coins (0.99)

550 poke coins(4.99)

1200 poke coins(9.99)

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