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Pokémon Go Community Day

Pokémon Go Community Day 

Niantic Labs announce the community of Pokémon GO which will be held on Feb 2019. Feb is very quickly approaching its mean you should be ready for another Pokémon Go community. Niantic the developer of Pokémon announced that community is going to held on Feb 16.  In this Pokémon community, day developers are focusing on water type Pokémon

Pokémon Go Community Day

Pokémon Go Community Day

How does Pokémon Go Community Day work?

Pokémon developer designed to get players out into the world. Interaction and hang out together with other locations which are rife with the poker stops. Pokémon Go Community will be held in public places like parks etc. This community event is time-limited event and encourages trainers to head out on the same day.

Players are rewarded when they participate in the community event. As this community event is built around a specific Pokémon. These types of things are done so that players can collect more Pokémon.

Pokémon Go January Community Date and Timings:

Pokémon go community day is going to held on Feb 16.  Overall its the 13th community day going to hold. As we all know Pokémon community day is going to held on the weekend, Its mean most of the people will be free and will easy to reach. If you are not free you have to free yourself from the commitments in order to reach Pokémon community day event.

As you know community day event is limited time event. It will run for only three hours on the given day. We are providing you the Pokémon Go Community Day Event dates and time.

Pokémon Go Community Times in the UK: 10 am to 1 pm

Pokémon Go Community time In Europe and Africa: 11 am to 2 pm

Pokémon Go Community time in North America: 11 am to 2 am

Pokémon Go Community time in Asia: 12 pm to 3 pm

During these timing, Pokémon Go community day will be active. If you are looking for rewards participate in the event at the time that is given above.


Rewards of Pokémon Go Community Day:

Rewards of Pokémon Go Community Day

Rewards of Pokémon Go Community Day

Community day event is focused on Pokémon species, increase the rate of a breed of Pokémon. If you have attended previous Pokémon Go Community Day event you are familiar with the event rewards. As you know if you take a part in the community day event you will catch a bunch of featured Pokémon. Some of the rewards which you can get on the community day event are:


Shiny Pokémon:  Catch a lot of Shiny Pokémon while taking a part in Community event. It will increase the spawn rate and shiny form.

Fast Egg Hatching: In the event hours, Egg Hatching distance is reduced.  It is reduced 4 times to the actual distance. It means that Egg Hatching hatch increase by 4 times quickly.

Exclusive Moves:

During the battle in Community Day event, you have access to more exclusively in the battle.  This move is not explained by the developer yet. According to them, they will be going to reveal this move on the event day.

3 Hour Lures: If any lure dropped during the community event means if you drop a Lure on Pokestop it will convert to last hours instead of 30min.


Past Event Held On:

  • January 2018: Pikachu
  • February 2018: Dratini
  • March 2018: Bulbasaur
  • April 2018: Mareep
  • May 2018: Charmander
  • June 2018: Larvitar
  • July 2018: Squirtle
  • August 2018: Eevee
  • September 2018: Chikorita
  • October 2018: Beldum
  • November 2018: Cyndaquil
  • December 2018: Best of 2018


When you celebrate Pokémon Go Community with your friends, fellows and trainers must share your experience of Pokémon Go Community on your favorite social media platform. We are waiting to hear new memories of the Pokémon Go community event.


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