Why Pokemon Go does not work?

Problem # 1 – Unable to authenticate

Some players have reported that they can not log in using account Club Pokemon trainers. Many people

worry that their accounts banned, but often the problem in unstable Pokemon Go servers. Official site

Pokemon Go confirm the problem with the server. The best solution is to wait a bit and try to enter the

game later, or use google account to login to the game.

Warning: the simultaneous use of an account Pokemon Club and google account can lead to loss of

progress Pokemon Club account.


Problem # 2 – can not download Pokemon Go

If you can not download Pokemon Go make sure that your device meets the system requirements Pokemon

Go, and that the game is available in your country. If the game is not available in the official app store, you

can download apk for Android or iOS used on the installation method. Download Pokemon Go for Android

and iOS.

On some Android smartphones game unavailable. At the moment, the game supports Android 4.4+ version

to Android 6.0.1. On Android N play unavailable. Pokemon Go also does not work on Intel processors.

Some iPhone and iPad game Pokemon Go does not work. Currently the game is available on the iPhone 5

and later, and iOS 8 and above. If you run the game on iPad, which only uses the wi-fi to transmit data, you

can not play, because the device can not find the satellite (GPS will not work).

iPhone and iPad with iOS jailbreak is not supported and you can not play in Pokemon Go.


Problem # 3 – bug «App not installed»

Some people who are trying to establish Pokemon Go out on your Android device, receive the message

«App not installed». This occurs most often when the apk file is corrupted or incorrectly downloaded. Also,

your device can not meet the system requirements of the game. It is advisable to download your game in

play market or apple store. Otherwise you risk to download to your device undesirable software or be

banned in the game.


Problem # 4 – Sound is distorted

In Pokemon Go game has a problem with sound. If you notice that the music or sound effects in the game

are distorted or reproduced with a delay, keep in mind that most likely it’s not your phone. The problem is

known to developers and they are working on a fix. Basically the problem with the sound occurs when

users are connected to audio devices via bluetooth.


Problem # 5 – error «You already own this item»

This problem is unique to Android users. If you buy in the store poke money and lose at this point connect

to the Internet, you receive an error message «You already own this item». The problem is fairly easy to fix.

Developers report that if you turn off and turn on the device the problem disappear.


Problem # 6 – GPS mapping wrong place

Sometimes, the GPS coordinates are displayed inaccurately or GPS is unstable. This is a known problem

and the developers are trying to fix it. However, a problem with GPS may be varied depending on the

device. Also, GPS performance is dependent on the strength of the satellite signal. For optimum

performance, make sure that the services GPS / location included for the game and that you have enabled

mode precision GPS (high-accuracy mode).


Problem # 7 – error «This item is not available in your country»

If the game is officially released in your country, and your phone meets the system requirements, but you

continue receive the message “This product is not available in your country”, then you should check out the

Google Wallet settings. Make sure the settings in the correct address and country. If the problem persists,

the developers recommend to contact support Google Play.


Problem # 8 – Progress of the coach Pokemon club lost

This problem occurs when you use more than one account to play. For example, if you use google for the

game account and an account Pokemon trainer of the club. You should enter the game under the google

account and only use it.


Problem # 9 – error “impossible to determine the orientation of the phone” when switching to AR mode

Android – your phone can not have a gyro. AR mode will not work.

iOS – AR mode does not work for the iOS version 10 beta 2.


Problem # 10 – rapid discharge of the battery

Pokemon Go continually uses GPS. No wonder that your phone battery is quickly discharged. But the fact

is that the game is very unoptimized and the battery can be discharged very quickly. Use such powerbank,

to stay connected and in the game. In the meantime, we expect that the developers will solve the problem

and you can do simple things to battery sat not so fast:

– Reduce screen brightness

– Turn off the AR mode in the game

– Turn off the sound

– Turn off Bluetooth and W-fi

– Try optimizers battery consumption, such as Battery Saver.


We hope that you solved your problem with the game Pokemon Go.

Enjoy the game!!!

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