Types of Pokemon

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And now begins the most difficult, get ready: there are 18 different types of Pokémon, and some are dual

type. Each type has superiority and weaknesses against other. Each attack have a type and also receives a

bonus, if it uses the same type monster. To determine the relationship between the types of efficiency there

is a special table (below).

pokemon go


In Pokemon Go bouts quite primitive: each Pokémon has the main and additional, more powerful attack.

During the battle, a short press on the screen uses the standard attack and swipe the screen allows you to

dodge enemy attacks. To use a powerful attack, it is necessary to charge (blue cells under the Health strip),

and then long press release.

Even within the same type all Pokemon are different. They vary in which attacks may be used and the

number of SR, which determines the strength of the attack. SR varies in a very wide range, and the higher

the level of your character, the more powerful items you will come across.

It would seem, nothing complicated, but need to take into account the combination of types of Pokemon

and attack, combat system adds a depth sufficient to ensure that it was easy to learn, but did not bother.

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