How to play Pokemon Go

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In Pokemon Go Pokemon can appear anywhere: on a busy avenue, in the woods, in a coffee shop or even

while you’re sitting on the toilet.

The first Pokémon you get immediately. After setting up your character you will be offered a choice of three

starting monsters: Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. Decide carefully, allowed catch only one. After that

you will get complete freedom of action, you can go wherever you want.

You can search for Pokemon in two ways: simply walk around the neighborhood, until someone appears

nearby or to track the trail. Traces are working on the principle “hot-cold”, the more tracks is displayed

when further desired Pokemon.

When someone finally appears next to you on the map, you just need to press finger, and fishing will begin.

In Pokemon Go you do not have to fight with Pokémon, enough to shower his poke balls.

Wild Monsters are divided into three categories based on the complexity of capture, which can be

identified by the color of the circle, in which the Pokémon appear.

  • Green frame – rather weak being and will be enough is only one poke ball.
  • Yellow – powerful monsters will break out again and again.
  • Red – overcome without additional funds virtually impossible.

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On the probability of capture affects the way you throw the poke ball. If you throw it at the moment

when the target will be less the chances of success will be higher. You can also run “Twisted” – it needs to

unleash poke ball circular motion across the screen, and then run. If you catch a monster thus you get

additional experience.

For each caught a wild monster you will receive experience (100xp for the capture and for a new kind –

500xp), dust (the Stardust) and Pok-candy of the type that you catch (3 pieces).

Dust and candy used to pump the captured monsters. For a large number of sweets (12-400 depending on

the type), you can evolve your wards, which not only greatly enhances their combat potential, but also gives

you a lot of experience.

Poke balls for catching Pokémon can be obtained at specific locations on the map called Poke Stops. They

are quite common and note any interesting places like subway stations, monuments, playgrounds and even

graffiti on the walls. The database is migrated to the Pokemon Go from Ingress, so there are no lacks of

Poke Stops even in our latitudes. Approaching to Poke Stops, you can activate it and get supplies like

poke balls to catch Pokemon, health potions for your wards and eggs that can hatch some rare.

After receiving the egg, you have to “hatch”. To start the incubation, eggs should be placed in a special

container, which is stored in your inventory, then start counting the distance traveled. When you pass the

required two, five or ten kilometers, from the egg will hatch Pokémon, and the greater the distance, the

more rare and powerful he is.

Upon reaching the fifth level, each coach must choose one of three teams (red, yellow or blue), for

supremacy over others which he will fight. To change the side impossible. Defending the honor of his team

and pursuing their own benefit, the players are constantly fighting for control of the Gyms, which are found

scattered throughout the map.

In Pokemon Go each stadium can control only one team, whose members placed their monsters to protect

those valuable point from attacks.

Leaving the Pokémon in the stadium, you can not take it back as long as the enemy team does not take him

away, drove out all the fallen defenders.

To recapture the Stadium, the player of the other team has to assemble a team and challenge to all

defenders and fight with each without interruption. After every victory over the enemy the control of

Stadium (called Prestige) will weaken. When it reaches zero, you will be able to occupy the vacant point

and invite friends from your team, so that they helped him to defend.

Direct interaction between players unavailable. PvP battle and exchange monsters Niantic already

promised to add to the first big update.

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