Pokemon Go

pokemon go


Five years ago, Niantic decided to change the way people interact with the world by creating the concept of

Real World Gaming. They used the opportunity of smartphones and location technology to create a unique

play the Ingress, which has helped millions of people to have fun, socialize and explore the world. Ingress

has enabled millions of people to look differently at the world around them. Players have become part of

the community, whose members compete, cooperate with each other and compete for influence in the

world. Some of them travel around the world to get a new experience. Today saw the light game Pokemon

Go, the next stage of evolution of the concept of Real World Gaming. It is available in the App Store and

Google Play Store in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. Also, the game will

be available in other countries around the world in the near future.

Pokemon Go – a game for mobile devices based on Android and iOS platforms, tied to the geolocation

and augmented reality technology. Gameplay involves the player who goes for a walk in the real world to

catch virtual monsters and prove to the whole district that he – the coolest Pokémon trainer in the area,

capturing the special point-

stadiums (Gyms). Screen of the smartphone becomes a window into a parallel world, which is inhabited by

unusual creatures. With the help of GPS-navigation, device keeps track of the location of the player and

notifies if there are wild Pokémon in the area. If Pocket monster appeared on the map, you can try to catch

it using a smartphone camera on the background of the real environment. If you see a man on the street he

stopped and began to turn the smartphone on all sides – no doubt, he also plays Pokemon Go.

pokemon go

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